About Me

Christopher Brown treats his clients’ real estate needs like his own. He is a partner in your transaction who helps breakdown the intricacies of buying or selling a home. [ and uncover the truth about each property’s qualities and value.]

Becoming a victim to the advice of a bad Real Estate Broker. He was inspired to become an agent himself  because he became a victim of the advie of a misleading Broker. He wants to help his clients get truly truthful and fair information. In order for his clients to succeed at achieving the Real Estate goals.

"I enjoy the process of helping individuals and families with their real estate needs. I especially like to see my clients react to an agent who is honest and patient.Your not just buying or selling. The client is solving a problem or manifesting their vision for something more. Like Century 21 says "an agent of change"

"I also recognize and appreciate how busy, smart and sophisticated my clients are…they just want current and accurate information. They want to know. it makes them confident in this process. I empower them because I'm available, willing and able to listen, and then provide answers to their questions. Then they can proceed at their own pace.That creates a genuine bond. People want great customer service. They reward you for it.[and a guiding hand whenever necessary, to help them move forward at their own pace."

Christopher has a strong commitment to the buyers and sellers who rely on his expert judgement and advice, and appreciate his honesty and willingness to go the extra mile.